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Meer informatie over hoe we je kunnen helpen je bedrijf te transformeren met FourSmileys? We staan voor je klaar! Laat je gegevens achter of neem direct contact op.


Dokter de Vliegerstraat 9

3274 NG Heinenoord

+31 (0)85 060 16 04

BTW: NL863202974B01

KvK: 84415924


Wij helpen je graag direct verder. Misschien hebben we zelfs jouw vraag al beantwoord op de website.

Benieuwd of jouw vraag er tussen staat? Lees het hier!

  • Can I also purchase your products?
    No, unfortunately that is not possible, we work with subscriptions that you take out for the report in which you can see the results.
  • What does your service cost?
    The costs depend on the wishes and goals of the customer. Our solution is therefore tailor-made. Contact us for a no-obligation quote.
  • Can I use your equipment for a short period of time?
    Yes, please contact us for the possibilities.
  • How can I view the report?
    The report can be received daily via email and the reports can be viewed via the online web environment or the easy app on your mobile.
  • How many people can view the data?
    You can enter an unlimited number of users in the online web environment. Of course you decide who they are, unauthorized people have no access to the data.
  • Do you have an API?
    Yes, the data can be downloaded from our servers via an API.
  • Do your products need access to our WiFi?
    No, all our devices have their own data connection through which the data is sent. That's so safe.
  • What is the delivery time of the products?
    About 10 business days without branding. With branding it is about 15 working days. If you still want to use the service faster, we will provide temporary equipment that we will exchange for new ones when they arrive.
  • Which subscriptions do you have?
    We work with a subscription of 3 years, 2 years and 1 year. 3 years is our standard subscription and therefore the most economical solution.
  • How many surveys can I set up?
    You can set up an unlimited number of surveys for the duration of the subscription. You're the boss.
  • In which languages ​​can I set the products?
    Our system knows almost 30 different languages, including all European languages ​​and common world languages. This way you can serve your customer in his language.
  • Does the service work in real time?
    The Smiley Touch sends the data in real time as standard, so you can see the results almost immediately in the app. The Smiley terminal sends the data to our servers by default at the end of the day. As an extra option real time is possible.
  • Is there an alert that immediately alerts me to bad results?
    Yes, the app has the option to warn you if there are a lot of negative comments. You can then take immediate action.
  • What options are available with the Smiley Touch?
    We have put about 40 options in the system as standard, you can also enter your own option.
  • Can I install your software on my own tablet?
    No, unfortunately not.
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